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35,000 people trained in the Afia way. So far.

Our tone of voice training courses are real eye-openers, and people leave them with a whole new way of thinking about customers. We fill folk with energy – standing up, sitting down, working on their own, in groups – it’s always a lot more fun than they expect.

We’ll help your employees see things from your customer’s point of view, and get them writing well, in your brand language. We’ll find your best writers, hone their skills and then help them spread your tone of voice around the business.

We’ll give your teams the skills and confidence to use your brand’s tone of voice, day in and day out. But don’t just take it from us. In the words of one recently converted writer:

It’s like a light bulb comes on and it suddenly all slots together for us. We’re really seeing the difference between how we write now and the way we used to speak to people.”

Kate Courtney, Haven Holidays

“Just wanted to say thank you for today’s workshop. As an ex-trainer,  I am a terrible delegate and often find it hard to stay engaged on courses.  Today was the first time, for a very long time that I was able to remain fully engaged, comfortable and excited.”

Angela Prichett, Vodafone

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Change people's writing habbits

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