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Ben Afia

Ben’s always looking for the easiest way to get something done. Like when he worked as a drawing office clerk and got his skates on – literally – to move drawings between offices faster.

It’s the same thinking he’s brought to successfully changing the culture of companies like Aviva, E.ON, Legal & General and Boots. ‘If we make this easy for anyone to grasp, they’re far more likely to adopt it.’ Hence the straightforward, memorable tone of voice structure. Add training that’s more fun than it has any right to be, and you find HR teams galvanised into rewriting every last letter and contract, and statisticians taking on a whole new way of communicating their data.

  • Developed and implemented Boots’ tone of voice in-house
  • Designed and rolled out tone of voice for E.ON, Aviva, Cadbury, Vodafone UK and more
  • Catalyst and director behind writers’ collective 26
Do you want to pick Ben's brain

Do you want to pick Ben's brain?

Ben's always happy to chat. So call him on 0115 878 9685, or pop your details below and he'll call you.

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