After more than a decade of working on tone of voice with brands large and small, here’s some of what we’ve learnt. You could be starting at any point here. But we’ve found companies get the best results when they think about all of these steps.



Discover the personality at the heart of your brand

Working on tone of voice, we often find that there’s some important brand thinking that needs doing first. Something that’s true about your brand is the best starting point for a good tone of voice.


Use tone of voice to show your brand’s personality

Tone of voice is how your company sounds when you talk to people. And when you write to them. Getting your brand language consistently right can make all the difference between a company people trust and one they don’t.


Write well in everything

Your brand tone of voice applies to absolutely everything - marketing, letters, contracts, the lot. Whether you're writing it yourself or hiring a copywriter, we've written some articles that should help.


Change people's writing habits through training

How do you get people all around your company using your tone of voice? Training is a real kickstarter. There are a multitude of ways to do it – the key is picking the right techniques and approach for your culture.

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